Funlab: The Office Party From Hell

Mango and DDB Melbourne have teamed up with Funlab – the brand behind the likes of Strike Bowling and Holey Moley – to encourage Australian businesses to ditch their plans for boring corporate office parties and choose a Funlab destination instead.

The social and LinkedIn campaign, Office Party from Hell, shows the absurdity of fake office fun by using the absurdity of fake, AI-generated footage, utilising the new generation of Text to Video technology released last week. The film, with a jingle by Melbourne composer Terry Mann, uses the technology to show just how rubbish fake office fun is and encourages businesses to choose real-life fun instead at Funlab.

Funlab Group Manager – PR and Communications Maleik Edwards said: “Australian workers are crying out for a better party than a boring office party. So as Australasia’s leading provider of corporate entertainment, we want to bring the fun back to work events. Mango and DDB spotted the power of the absurd AI technology the day it launched its latest beta and used it in all its, frankly horrifying, glory.”

DDB Group Melbourne Creative Director Giles Watson said: “The thing about AI-generated video at this stage is… it’s pretty absurd. But not as absurd as having your office party at your own office.”

DDB Group Melbourne Executive Creative Director Psembi Kinstan deferred to AI to write his quote. The machine overlords added: “AI unveils the truth behind fake office parties, championing genuine fun in (another) groundbreaking advertising campaign.”