Coles: Quality

Coles is championing the great lengths its team members and suppliers go to in providing Australians with the best quality fresh meat, produce, bakery and Own Brand products.  

From spending years forming close relationships with Aussie cattle farmers to select great tasting beef, and partnering with French master baker Laurent Boillon from Laurent Bakery for Coles Finest 30-hour stone-baked sourdough, to our expert culinary panel who taste test Coles Own Brand products to ensure they meet quality standards before they hit shelves – at Coles, “we go to great lengths for quality”.     

The campaign extends through multiple media touchpoints and Coles-owned channels like the Coles Magazine, Coles Radio and on The campaign shows Coles team members working together with its network of dedicated farmers, growers, and bakers, all in the pursuit of quality. Their positive Aussie spirit and passion for quality never waivers, even when enduring tough conditions like torrential rain, a swarm of bees, early mornings or a gaggle of angry geese.  

Coles Head of Brand & Media Bianca Mundy said: We know Australians are experiencing household budget pressures with rising costs of living, and more and more Aussies are looking to Coles for great value, and great quality food to feed their families. This campaign puts a spotlight on the idea that behind even the most normal-looking apple or cut of meat, there is an extraordinary ambition and passion from the Coles team to create this high-quality food. The same food that goes in customers’ baskets every time they shop at Coles.”   

Smith St Group Executive Creative Director Psembi Kinstan said: “What strikes you when you meet the incredible chefs, partners, food development experts, and entire food sourcing team at Coles is their unique passion and energy. They take their job seriously to get the very best food in Australia. But they don’t take themselves seriously. What all Australians will start to feel from Coles is this unwavering enthusiasm, fun, and cheekiness.”  
Smith St Group Creative Partner James Cowie adds: “There are incredible stories that sit behind the delicious food you buy at Coles. Now you can discover these stories everywhere from the shelf to your TikTok feed.”