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Women to Watch: Priya Patel

Women to Watch: Priya Patel

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29 April | Bandt

Women are vital to any industry, especially the world of advertising and media. And, B&T doesn’t think it’s fair that some of these women fail to be recognised for their incredible work and efforts, simply because of their gender.

So, to celebrate the launch of our annual Women in Media Awards, we’ve asked a few industry power women to talk to us about why the Women in Media Awards are important, their best piece of advice, the most influential women in their lives and more.

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Now, let’s hear from Priya Patel, DDB’s managing director.

Events like the Women in Media Awards shouldn’t be necessary, but they are.

There are more social, cultural and professional limiting factors that women need to ‘smash’ through to succeed than men. When they do, it should be cause for celebration for everyone.

When I say ‘smash factors’, things that spring to mind include carrying the social and logistical mental load at home – from solving daily dinner dramas, to organising the family social calendar, to buying new trainers for the kids. And if not singlehandedly solving these, women are usually playing the vital ‘admin’ and instruction function – ‘Darling, we don’t have milk, could you pick up some up?’ and so on.

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