DDB Australia



Our Group

DDB Australia grows businesses by giving them an emotional advantage.

In 2019, DDB Sydney won Campaign Brief Agency of the Year. In 2018, DDB won runner up Spikes Asia Pacific Network of the Year. At Cannes in 2016, DDB Sydney was the most awarded Australian agency overall. Our clients include Westpac, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Virgin Australia, Skoda, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Foxtel, Officeworks and Dulux Group.

DDB is part of DDB Worldwide, an Omnicom company. We have offices in Sydney and Melbourne and are part of the DDB Group, which is also made up of TRACK, Tribal, DDB Remedy and Mango.



Our thinking

The old theory that marketing and advertising succeeds because people are reasonable is just not true. In fact, we now know that people are highly unreasonable.

New evidence from the behavioral sciences shows that humans are emotional and often behave in a fashion that defies logic.

DDB Australia uses a simple and measurable approach - utilising fame, feeling and fluency - that creates ‘unreasonable growth in an age of unreason’. And it’s working for our partners, including Westpac, McDonald's and Volkswagen.