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Tara Ford for International Women's Day

"Everything would be better if we had more women": Tara Ford 

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27th February | CAmpaign ASia

Campaign Asia spoke to DDB Sydney ECD Tara Ford about the idea of being labelled a "female ECD", the lack of role models for women in advertising and raising four children alongside a successful career.

Tara Ford has a simple wish for the advertising industry. “I just think everything would be better if there were more women, especially in creative departments.”

The executive creative director of DDB Sydney speaks from the experience of some 20 years in the business. She joined DDB in September 2017 from TBWA Australia, where she spent five years developing campaigns that include multi-award-winning work for ANZ Bank, such as GAYTMs, ‘Pocket Money’ (see video, below) and ‘Hold Tight’, among others. A recent campaign with DDB for Carefree, ‘The Matriarchs’ (see box, bottom), won the Glass Spike For Change last year. 

Much of her work has addressed social issues, and Ford says that in general, stereotypes in Australian ads are less prevalent than they were. She herself has always been conscious to steer clear of “putting the little girl in pink, with the doll”, for example. “I think people are generally much more conscious of stereotyping and I think it’s just a way for brands to be modern, completely in step with society and keeping up with what's actually happening out there in the world.”

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