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Andrew Little: Specialism versus scale

Andrew Little on the debate between scale & specialism in agencies


28th March 2019


Speaking on the Managing Marketing podcast with Trinity P3 founder Darren Woolley, DDB’s CEO Andrew Little said in the last five years he has seen the client demand for the full-service creative agency return.

This has driven the market to push in two directions, leaving not much space for agencies to thrive in the middle.

While some standalone specialist offerings remain relevant, Little said he has seen many dilute their core offering by trying to be everything for everyone, but lacking the scale to execute. Little, who has been at DDB for almost 20 years, refers to “full-service” as the inclusion of digital, CRM and CX capabilities, rather than the inclusion of media.

“I would be one or the other. I think if you’re in the middle, you have a big problem. Either be a full-service communications business and target the scale of those clients who require that or be a brilliant, brilliant specialist, but don’t try to be anything more than that,” he said.

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