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Priya Patel on the future of agencies

Priya Patel on the future of agencies

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1 august 2019 | b&t

There is no doubt technology, data and automation will continue to be pivotal to agency land operations as we head into 2020 and beyond. However, the agency model of the future will see humanity, creativity, and strategy step up and take a prominent seat at the table.

Speaking in Sydney at Advertising Week, senior industry leaders from GroupM, DDB, Facebook and the Trade Desk joined to discuss what the advertising industry will look like in five years from now.

GroupM CEO Mark Lollback said: “A lot of people say media agencies will be dead, creative agencies will be dead. I’m not in that camp at all, and it’s not self-preservation. I truly believe that we have a lot to offer.”

Lollback said agencies of the future will have bigger strategy departments and a more holistic strategy partner with clients. He also predicts an acceleration into the tech world, with a proliferation of tech consulting. However, he stressed it will still need people to “pull it all together.”

“The world will go programmatic but anybody who thinks programmatic is automatic needs to come and spend a day with us and see just how much time that goes into optimising those campaigns,” he added.

DDB managing director Priya Patel said in five years’ time, agencies will still be selling creative products, but the way creative product comes to life and where it lives will change.

Patel said: “Right now everyone is talking about addressable and programmatic, but in five years’ time it will be about potentially how we make that creativity in VR or augmented reality.”

She said while creativity is still the product, the way agencies come at it will be through the lens of human beings.

“Technology is changing all the time and it will continue to change. But if you look at what human beings are like and the way human beings operate, we’re actually incredibly emotional beings. We’re quite irrational, we’re illogical and I think brands that can almost tap into that, that humanity, are going to be really successful.”

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