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Priya Patel on agency models

Retainers reversed


22 May | Mumbrella

We all know that agencies need to adjust to a post-retainer world. And the pressure to work on a project-by-project basis is only becoming greater. But how would that model hold up if we asked our clients’ marketing departments to do the same, asks DDB's Priya Patel.

The conversation around delivering cost efficiencies, being nimbler and potentially working on a project-by-project basis is something every agency needs to wrestle with.

Most of us are acutely aware of the perils of being labelled ‘big, slow, expensive – a global monster’ and are actively taking steps to ensure that isn’t a reality.

The Great Marketing Divide seems to exist around those who believe in the long-term – the power of a brand to drive growth over time – versus those who see the power of short-term activation and targeted conversion as the main way to drive sales.

The ideal, for us at DDB, is a 60:40 brand:activation ratio. But, in order to deliver that, we need to build for the long-term.

Great creativity is only a product of great people. And human beings aren’t so different – wonderful challenges, recognition, fair rewards and respectful interactions would rank pretty highly on most people’s list of what it takes to have a ‘decent job’.

And so, my thought experiment was simple: what if clients applied the same model they see as so effective for agencies to their own marketing teams?

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