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PetMe uses AI to drive dog adoptions

Turning likes into action: PetRescue uses facial recognition to turn spotlight on rescue dogs 


20th February | The DRum ASIA

Dog photos on social media tend to receive tons of love, with followers of these accounts numbering in the thousand and views sometimes in the millions. Rescue dogs on the other hand find similar attention hard to come by as they do not enjoy the privilege of having a human owner to build their social presence.

To help these dogs, PetRescue, an organisation that creates innovative programs and delivers them for free to help thousands of rescue pets across Australia, and DDB Sydney created PetMe, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform capable of analysing dog photos on Instagram and finding similar dogs available for adoption.

The organisation wanted to use PetMe to match users who follow popular dogs on social media to a candidate of their favourite breed. It does this by identifying breeds, temperament, size and coat of these popular dogs, and matches those qualities to more than 90,000 available rescue dogs nationwide.

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