Psembi Kinstan: ‘High Five’ with Little Black Book

The One Show has announced winners. The D&AD shortlist is out. Cannes is coming. It’s awards season, and that means we’re all wading through case study after case study. You’re about to discover the best work of the year amongst the hours of chaff, but you’re also going to find yourself shouting helplessly at your computer, again: “HOW DID A CHARITY CAMPAIGN FROM ADDIS ABABA GET 14.2 BILLION MEDIA IMPRESSIONS!?*” Between serious case films, you’ll need some light relief – some work that’s weird and wonderful. So, here you go.
*Replace with London, Sydney, Shanghai etc. It doesn’t matter. No matter where the campaign is from, I’m immediately dubious of impression counts that start with a ‘B’…
German Rail – Escape
Escape‘ did well at the One Show, and at the time of writing is awaiting a result at D&AD. So simple, and in 2023, sadly still true. The posters in this campaign are good too. Extra points if you view this whilst you’re judging awards remotely. Get back to the office people, it’s way more fun to be around your fellow weirdos.
Canal+ -Papa
Papa’s dead! And plot twist, it’s not Antonin’s shitty violin playing that topped him off. Another Canal+ beauty. If you haven’t enjoyed them for a while and need more case study relief, refresh yourself with ‘The Bear’ and ‘The Closet’.
Voiz- The Eyes
This has already done well at lots of award shows, and for good reason. Reminds me of Marius Talampa’s tragic spot for RC Cola. Both perfect exercises in avoiding playing comedy for comedy. Tragic. Brilliant.
Native- Traffic Stop
Don’t waste your time on my words, ‘Everyone has a story to smell’ is the best dumbest bit of copywriting you’ll see all day.
Project Rokit- Kind Royale
Ha, surprise! Got you with a case study when you least expected it. And a shameless bit of self-promotion at that. 80 pro gamers streaming to 11 million (not billion) fans, proving just how a new gaming format can change behaviour for good.