Matt Chandler on Aussie brands and the Super Bowl

The Australian asked DDB Sydney’s Executive Creative Director how brands should decide which cultural moments to tap into.

When it comes to the marketing extravaganza that is the US Super Bowl, former marketing professor and international brand consultant Mark Ritson said for Australian brands to have a crack at jumping on the Super Bowl bandwagon, it should be those that trade on American providence or sporting prowess in their positioning.

“Think KFC, Nike and Bud,” Mr Ritson said.

With the free-to-air (FTA) game showing live on Channel 7 and across subscription services such as Foxtel and Kayo, you wouldn’t see all ads, particularly on FTA, uniquely tailored to the Super Bowl fanfare, but should more jump in? Are Australian brands missing a trick?

The marketing guru said while “TV is not dead and remains incredibly potent”, advertisers should tread carefully when it comes to annual events like the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day.

Executive creative director at ad agency DDB Sydney Matt Chandler said there were plenty of very invested NFL fans in Australia, so he felt there was definitely an audience there, although it depended on the local brand as to whether it was worth investing in a targeted campaign.

“Like any of those decisions, the question is, what meaningful role does your brand have in the event?” he said.

Sports streaming service Kayo is seeing year-on-year growth in US sports such as NFL and NBA as interest from Australia grows.

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