Hannah Lawson and Kate Idle x LBB

A match made in heaven, birds of the same feather, partners in crime and even two peas in a pod… are just a few ways to describe the dynamic between a copywriter and an art director.
It is a relationship that is integral to this industry. Hannah Lawson and Kate Idle, DDB’s copywriter and art director duo, gained recognition for this wondrous partnership last week at the AWARD awards ceremony. 
The pair were awarded Emerging Creative or Team of the Year for their strong working relationship. Hannah and Kate have worked together on many projects, the most notable being ‘Carry the Courage’ for the charity Ovarian Cancer Australia. 

First published via LBB 

This campaign saw the stories of two women who had fought ovarian cancer with the might of a thousand suns and left behind a legacy that needed to be shared.
LBB’s Casey Martin spoke to Hannah and Kate to learn more about their partnership
LBB> As a copywriter/art director duo, how would you both describe your dynamic?
Hannah> It’s a bit chaotic and we’re always searching for snacks, but it’s awesome. We love coming up with silly ideas that somehow make sense, so we’re always laughing.
Kate> We’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders, which means we’re always backing the other in to push further, be weirder, or take a leap.
LBB> What were your first impressions of each other?
Hannah> When we met, we were in separate teams, and she came in as this cool, really nice creative from CHEP, so my first impression was that I was just super intimidated by her.
Kate> I waltzed into DDB and was immediately jealous of the work that Hannah had been producing in such a short time. Everything looked at the problem from completely unexpected angles and it was always exciting to see what she and her partner at the time would put out next.
LBB> What has been the project that you are most proud of?
Hannah> Our Ovarian Cancer films. That was such a beautiful project, made with such wonderful people. We feel extremely privileged that we were able to tell the inspiring stories of Kristen and Jill and contribute something meaningful to this important cause. 
Ovarian Cancer is a devastating cancer, and the statistics are so bloody unfair. So even just one donation towards Ovarian Cancer support and research because of our work is the best thing we’ll ever do.
LBB> What have you learnt from the other?
Hannah> That good creativity comes from being silly and having fun. And to not take the whole thing so seriously.
Kate> I’ve admired Hannah’s confidence for so long, so she’s really taught me how to back myself and my work more. I’m so grateful for that.
LBB> What challenges have you faced together, and how did you overcome them?
Hannah> We both struggle to walk away from work and let ourselves have downtime, so I think the biggest challenge we’ve faced together is teaching each other how to step away, take time off, and look after our mental health instead of listening to those evil voices inside our head that tell us if we don’t keep working we’re not good enough.
Kate> As an all female team, we’ve struggled with challenges that might be different to other creatives around the industry, but having each other’s backs and surrounding ourselves with people who are supportive, encouraging and understanding has always been our superpower.