1800 Tequila and DDB Group create a bar made entirely from recycled materials

1800 Tequila has launched The Recycled Bar by 1800 Tequila – The Bar Saved From Landfill via DDB Group agencies DDB Sydney and Mango Communications, along with Scoundrel.

The Recycled Bar, by 1800 Tequila is made exclusively from waste destined for landfill. The bar is designed to look as though it is pouring out of a tip truck, bringing to life Australia’s waste problem, plus the potential use of the incredible amount of collective waste Australia is putting in the ground.

Held at the Tarpeian Precent Lawn at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydneysiders can book their own cocktail and dining experience at The Recycled Bar, by 1800 Tequila, where they will be treated to a unique cocktail experience with circular waste décor, low-waste cocktails and zero waste canapés.

Designed by Scoundrel’s renowned designer and artist, James Dive, the bar has been created to champion the creative potential of our waste – showcasing products made by over 22 Australian brands, artists and designers who are finding innovative ways to keep trash out of the ground.

The bar itself, plus tables, chairs, coasters, glassware and more, are locally-sourced and designed, and all created from materials redirected away from landfill.

Mango Communications Sydney, Managing Director, Tabitha Fairbairn, said: “The insights behind this campaign are truly eye-opening and as we head into the festive season, we identified an opportunity for a PR-led creative idea that delivers a message that has to be taken seriously.

DDB Sydney Executive Creative Director, Matt Chandler, agreed: “Exploring creative solutions to tackle Australia’s waste crisis has been one of our biggest challenges this year and to see this campaign evolve through the work of our team alongside Mango and Scoundrel has been a pleasure.

An 1800 Tequila spokesperson added: “We wanted to create a space that showcases the very best of the circular waste economy celebrating Australian artists and designers who are innovating in this field.

“The Recycled Bar, by 1800 Tequila, is the perfect example of how creativity can be part of solving this problem. Following the success of our Agave Project, which saw upcycled agave fibres used to create products like surfboards, we wanted to encourage Australia to think about their waste in a different way – from furniture to household items to the cocktails we drink”.

Artist James Dive commented: “Working with 1800 Tequila to champion products built from waste has been a rewarding process. These goods may originate as everyday waste, but the end products are undeniably contemporary. The installation seeks to portray the enormity of Australia’s waste issue, but equally capture the passion, solutions and creativity that is happening right now in the recycling realm. I’m proud to be on board,” says Dive.

1800 Tequila also partnered with Clean Up Australia to bring the bar to life. Clean Up Australia champions a circular economy and educates and inspires Australians to do their part and make a difference to improve the environment.

The Recycled Bar, by 1800 Tequila, is open for two days only (Friday 9 – Saturday 10 December) with ticket sales donated to Clean Up Australia.

First published via LBB