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Westpac tells a migrant’s story of sacrifice in latest campaign 


4th June

Westpac has launched the latest iteration of its ‘help’ campaign that focuses on the powerful stories of migrants who have become Australian business owners.

Set to the soundtrack of Master’s Apprentices classic It’s Because I Love Youremade by Amy Shark, the campaign shows the epic journey of a family who flee their war torn country to come to Australia.  

The couple immigrate to Australia to open a small business out of necessity but grow to treasure the life and opportunity it gives their family.

 The new campaign is backed by research that found one in three small businesses in Australia are owned by migrants.

Its launch coincides with the reveal of Westpac’s ‘help when it matters’ logo, cementing the brand’s ongoing commitment to providing help to customers when and where it matters to them. 

DDB Sydney creative partner Matt Chandler added: “This epic story of grit and sacrifice was a privilege to make. It really pays homage to so many small business owners with similar stories to that of the central character Ali; people who have set out on their own to build a life for their families. We count ourselves incredibly lucky to have such brilliant clients and production partners who make work like this possible.”

Westpac Group Head of Brand, Advertising & Media, Jenny Melhuish, said: “Our latest campaign offers a representation of the sheer dedication, challenges and rewards faced by small business owners of today. For many, when operating a family business, it becomes a focal part of that family’s life – the ups and the downs. 

“We recognise that there is a myriad of challenges that can come along with operating a small business and this campaign demonstrates how we can stand beside and support them. We have developed a range of products and services to help make the day-to-day easier for them so they can focus on what really matters.”