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A tale of two 'ute-vertising' ads

A tale of two 'ute-vertising' ads

Volkswagen and Ford vie for attention with new ads for their off-road utility vehicles. Prepare for dust clouds.



8 October 2018

AdNut | Campaign Asia.

“Humour, via a diva-ish film director with a passion for hyperbolic animal metaphors ("it's like a wild animal, a big black wolf, pounding across its terrain, chasing down its prey"), a morose health and safety inspector and cheeky subtitles ("this was the money shot"). Also a well-developed and well-crafted storyline with multiple scenes and characters. Plus, stylish drone shots, high-speed corners, car flying through air and roaring engines.”

“The ad is attention-grabbing and funny while keeping the car's power front and centre; little stands out about Ford's ad.” 

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