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Life is a leadership course

Life is leadership course


4th March | Campaign Brief

Despite a 30-year career in advertising, DDB chief creative officer Ben Welsh has never had formal leadership training. Instead, he's taken life lessons from The Aristocats, military leaders and his father. Here, he passes on his pearls of wisdom to other aspiring leaders following DDB Sydney's win of Campaign Brief Agency of the Year.

As a leader, it sometimes worries me that I have had no formal training in leadership. Not once has a company thought to send me to a leadership course, despite having been in what they call 'leadership positions' for more than 15 years.

Does that mean I have nothing to learn or there's no point trying to teach me?

I'm coming to consider life a leadership course. We are receiving lessons in leadership from the moment we're born - from parents, older siblings, bigger kids at school, teachers, and bosses - monkey see, monkey do. On top of that we learn from literature and TV; culture if you like. 

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