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Lessons from 2019's Super Bowl ad

The lessons Australia should take from 2019’s Super Bowl ads

Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad was one of the stand outs

Microsoft’s Super Bowl ad was one of the stand outs


5th February 2019

By Leif Stromnes | Mumbrella

The Super Bowl is undeniably an incredible media moment and one that Australia can learn a lot from. We’re yet to create the same advertising environment here where advertising is valued at the level of the entertainment itself.

Arguably advertising’s biggest moment, the Super Bowl acts as inspiration to agencies and brands globally and has the potential to set forward trends other advertisers leverage throughout the year.

While the hefty price tag of $7.3 million is enough to make some marketers recoil, I believe it’s worth every cent. What other environment would have such high engagement that Skittles could sell out a Broadway show talking about Super Bowl advertising?

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