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Leif Stromnes on political advertising

Leif Stromnes: ‘Neither side have a story’


23rd April | the Australian financial review

The Australian Financial Review has assembled a panel of media and marketing experts for a weekly insight into the advertising campaigns being run with the hope of garnering votes come May 18.

Leif Stromnes: “The human mind is a story processor, not a logic processor, according to social psychologist Jonathan Haidt. This insight seems to be lost on the major political parties. Both are struggling to tell their story. Worse, neither seem to have a story.

At a time when Australians are desperate for a leader to give us a vision that we can rally around and a story that gives us belief, we find ourselves in an ever-diminishing spiral of negative facts. It’s a confusing  punch and counter-punch game.

It confirms how we feel about politicians. They are not in it to win. They are in it not to lose. Neither the Liberals nor Labor are connecting emotionally. How can they when their only modus operandi is to undermine the other? It is no coincidence that both brands are so damaged. They have no story.

If our beliefs are determined by the quality of the story we can tell, big politics is in trouble.”

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