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DDB Sydney wins Agency of the Year

"Big, tough, real clients": DDB Sydney crowned Campaign Brief Australian Agency of the Year


28th February | CAMpaign Brief

Crafting fiendishly clever viral campaigns, exploring the limits of legality, frustrating censors, and taking the emotional pulse of the nation in raising the standard of longform narrative engagement; DDB Sydney's originality and energy has been at the heart of the action in 2018. With a thriving portfolio of diverse, bold, provocative and boundary-challenging work, DDB Sydney is Campaign Brief's 2018 Australian Agency of the Year. 

DDB Sydney has continued to prove its value to clients in 2018, demonstrating a fearless attitude and a creatively innovative approach to the problems inherent in big brands as the agency sought to engage with equally big problems. From exploring the themes of death and sacrifice for Westpac, to reimagining the creative possibilities of the standard auto TVC for Volkswagen, DDB Sydney has consistently remained an agency at the forefront of the industry, comfortably prominent in the headlines and in the award categories. 

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