DDB Australia


Agency rebrand sees return to simple emotion-led advertising


22nd April | The Australian

At DDB, new technology platforms and “narrow thinking” have resulted in a return to the past: a global rebrand that returns focus to the founding partners of the business, Doyle Dane Bernbach, and their emphasis on delivering business results through emotion-led advertising.

The rebrand, which began after changes at DDB Australia two years ago, is led by global chief executive Wendy Clark, who took on global responsibilities last June.

Chairman and chief executive of DDB Australia and New Zealand, Marty O’Halloran, says changes to the digital landscape have resulted in a lack of focus on what drives success for brands. He says that throwing mass amounts of money into “rational messaging” doesn’t necessarily deliver strong business results.

“We are going forward with a really strong belief that we can leverage the ability to emotionally connect with people. People regularly say the advertising model as it is is under pressure and it needs to be very different, and our view is that if we stick to what we know we can deliver. My view is that this is the greatest time to be in our business because we’ve got great ideas … but also we’ve got more platforms to use.”

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