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DDB and Macca’s reveal secret sauce

DDB and Macca’s reveal secret to long-standing relationship


5 AUGUST 2019 | MI3

Bigger ideas, hotter work and juicer briefs stem from the best clients working with the best agencies. But what is the real secret sauce to delivering such work and how can the balance of short and long term goals truly be reached? McDonald's and DDB outlined the recipe for success at Advertising Week APAC.

Banning the c-word ('client'), acting as one team, sharing data, incentives and pressure to perform are notable ingredients in a relationship now spanning 45 years. 

Though that tenure is exceptional, lessons can be learned. 

Those on the agency side know they are in the service business - that is the reality, but in the most effective, long lasting relationships, that isn't how they are treated. The beauty in a long term relationship is the trust and understanding that comes with the partnership. They are two-way dialogues. How can any client expect trust and good work if the agency is dangled on a string, with the threat of a review from day one?

Banning the word client may appear a shallow metric, but it goes much deeper than semantics and builds the structure of ‘one team’ beyond lip service and into behaviours.

“We are absolutely one team and that is how we treat each other. We aren’t one of those who hands over a brief on a Friday night at 5pm and says 'see you later we’re off and we want something by Monday'. That happens in the world of marketing but that is fundamentally not how we operate,” said marketing director Jo Feeney.

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