Porsche: Taycan Arcade

Ahead of this week’s Australian Grand Prix, Porsche Australia has partnered with legendary video game creator Atari to put two electric Taycans to the ultimate, heart-pumping test in a game of Pong.  

Taycan Arcade, created by DDB Group Melbourne with technical production and direction by Airbag Australia, puts a futuristic twist on the neon-soaked arcade classic. Two geofenced Taycans go back and forth in a game of arcade tennis, pushing the electric vehicles and their performance drivers to the limit as they rally a 150km/hr AI-controlled drone between them.  

The experiment, created in controlled conditions in Victoria, is the innovative demonstration of the Taycan’s handling and beauty, confirming Porsche’s position as the leader in the premium electric vehicle market. 

In addition to its rollout across international Porsche channels, as well as activations in local dealerships and at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, the online Taycan Arcade game lets you customise your very own Taycan and compete in an 8bit experience.  

Porsche Marketing Director John Murray said: Porsche’s all-electric Taycan connects the brand’s history with an electric future. Of course, when it comes to putting two Taycans to the test, we needed an idea as exhilarating and original as the car itself.  

DDB Group Melbourne Executive Creative Director Psembi Kinstan said: “An engineering feat as remarkable as the Taycan deserves an ambitious one-of-a-kind demonstration. John and the team at Porsche Australia have been exceptionally ambitious to take this idea and put it on the world stage. 

“Crafting a demonstration as elevated and exhilarating as the Taycan was our principal challenge, but one that Airbag and world-renowned drone technicians at XM2 pulled off with aplomb.” 

Taycan Arcade is the next chapter in Porsche’s Soul Electrified electric vehicles story. 

Porsche Taycan Arcade