Mango Sydney: The Kraken Darkest Show

Three of Australia’s most renowned comedians took audiences on a daring journey into the depths of dark humour last week, at a dark comedy night hosted by The Kraken and Mango Sydney. 

The Kraken Presents: The Darkest Show saw Nazeem Hussain, Becky Lucas and Luke Heggie take the stage to highlight the power of dark comedy to connect with audiences. Attendees also enjoyed a bespoke dark food and drinks menu, inspired by the rum, including Kraken Rum arancini, squid ink pasta, Espresso Rumtini cocktails, and The Kraken Black Mojitos.  

The Kraken is a spiced rum born from the sea beast of myth and legend, residing in the deepest depths of darkness.  

Comedian Nazeem Hussain said: “Comedy is such an enjoyable way to explore the dark parts of life that are socially awkward to bring up in normal conversation. Most comedians I know are drawn to the edges and the darker, uncomfortable areas. I suspect it’s because that’s where the biggest laughs are, because it’s grounded in truth and shared experiences.  

“The Australian comedy scene is so exciting right now, with material that’s fresh, funny, and daring – only possible because Australian audiences have a unique stomach for discomfort, and finding laughs in strange places.” 

Comedian Becky Lucas said: “For most comedians, being funny was a coping mechanism that you learnt in your early life which created a buffer between you and something that was causing you pain.   

“For me personally, the ability to laugh at something dark has always meant that it can’t hurt me. I understand that for some people, it’s not what they’re looking for, but I also think that dark comedy should be appreciated and respected as much as ‘clean comedy’, because when done well, it can be incredibly cathartic.”

Mango Communications Sydney Managing Director Tabitha Fairbairn said: “The Darkest Show was indeed dark, uncomfortable, and incredibly funny. The sold-out audience at The Vanguard in Newtown agreed. It was the darkest possible way to pay tribute to the bold and mysterious origins of The Kraken rum.” 


The Kraken Darkest Show
The Kraken Darkest Show