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Advertising with an Aussie accent

Advertising with an Aussie Accent


11th February 2019 | Little Black Book

McDonald’s teams around the world have been something of a roll when it comes to its outdoor creative over the past few months – clean clever design communicating simple ideas that, nonetheless, require a few seconds of thinking time to puzzle out. And, while leveraging the McDonald brand colours, typeface and other assets, each execution and idea speaks to the local market, its culture. 

And that’s just as true for the work coming from the land down under. Recently, DDB Sydney launched a pair of outdoor campaigns that speak directly to Aussie culture.

Despite being one of the most American brands you can imagine, McDonald’s has long leaned into the Australian culture in its local advertising. But balancing the consistency of brand voice with culturally relevant work can be tricky. LBB’s Laura Swinton spoke to DDB Sydney’s Tara Ford to find out more.

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