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Westpac tells a migrant’s story of sacrifice in latest campaign 


18th June | AdAGE

Westpac, the Australian bank, is known for its emotive ads via DDB, including one recent effort that tackled the sensitive subject of divorce and another featuring an immigrant who always puts others first

Its latest spot also focuses on immigration, this time with the story of a family who are uprooted from the war-torn Middle East. The wife gives birth in a refugee tent, and although the father is a doctor in his home country, when he arrives in Australia he is forced to work for a bakery. The story shows his frustrations with the job at first but then, as he finally masters the art, the family opens their own business and go on to success. It concludes by showing that their daughter is now a doctor herself. 

It’s set to the Master Apprentices' "Because I Love You" covered by Amy Shark and is sensitively directed by Steve Ayson via 3&7. 

The campaign, running on radio, outdoor and social as well as TV, is backed by research that found one in three small businesses in Australia are owned by migrants. DDB Sydney creative partner Matt Chandler added: “This epic story of grit and sacrifice was a privilege to make. It really pays homage to so many small business owners with similar stories to that of the central character Ali; people who have set out on their own to build a life for their families."

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