Our people

Here's a handful of DDBers working across IT, Engineering, Creative, Strategy, Production, and Business Management.

Our culture

Celebrating our humanity in all its diversity lies at the heart of DDB's creative culture.

It goes back to Bill Bernbach’s policy of hiring ‘talented and nice’ people.

It defines the way we behave, the way we treat each other and the way we partner with clients. As human beings.

Because talent is the ultimate resource of any creative enterprise, an organization committed to creative achievement must first be an organization committed to the identification and nurturing of talent.

The managers of DDB all strive to provide, within each agency’s structure, four freedoms to each individual.


Talent freezes in the grip of fear. The creative mind shuts down, constricting the natural flow of ideas.

Fear is created by intimidation. Management by intimidation has no place in our organization.


It is in the very nature of creative talent to venture beyond the known, to pick through scary places untrod by conventional minds.

Because there are no assurances that such creative forays will succeed, the explorers must be granted the freedom to fail in order to sustain their desire to venture forth again. Talent must not be criticized for daring to fail.


A degree of healthy ferment is required in any creative organization. But talent flounders in the chaos of uncertainty caused by management indecision, inconsistency, or vacillation.

Talent requires benign discipline.


The first priority of an organization that depends on its people for success must be the well-being of every individual.

Beyond providing for professional growth, talented people must also be allowed to enjoy a life in which there is time for personal fulfillment, and for laughter and love and celebration.

About our Group

DDB Australia creates 'unreasonable growth' for businesses and brands through fame, feeling and fluency.

We have been voted Australia’s most creative agency twice and won runner up AWARD network of the year in 2017. In 2016, DDB Sydney was the most awarded Australian agency at Cannes. Our clients include Westpac, McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Virgin Australia, Skoda, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, APIA, Officeworks and Barilla.

DDB is part of DDB Worldwide, an Omnicom company. We have offices in Sydney and Melbourne and are part of the DDB Group, which is also made up of TRACK, Tribal, DDB Remedy and Mango.